Monday, April 12, 2010

Envision Spring Fashion Show 2010

The Envision Spring Fashion show took place Saturday at the Graves Hotel in down town Minneapolis. It was fun watching hair and makeup people work their magic while wardrobe stylists and their assistants check and recheck the pieces the models will wear.

Wild-looking hairpieces sit on head-shaped pedistals...

Boxes of shoes lined the wall in one of the rooms.

One model was trying a couple of different shoes on. I stooped down to snap a shot.

Models talk in groups or check messages on their phones as they wait their turn on "the chair".

A bartender waits for the rush

This year the show included live art. The artists were using a few different techniques including stencils, brushes, rulers, etc. One of the in-progress pieces included a variety of visual elements including bits and pieces of Abraham Lincoln and Krushchev. Wish I had more time to chat with these guys. Would have been interesting to hear what inspired this mix.

The hair show part of the evening is when premier stylists have a chance to show their stuff in a live competition.

The room continued to fill until finally the thumping music began and the models started walking.

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